Will there be a Subcompact Hatch in Nissan's Future?

Nissan already has a subcompact hatchback in its lineup — it’s called the Versa Note — but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a new addition. (1) In fact, after having seen photos of the Sway concept, which made its world premiere at the 2015 Geneva Auto Show, we hope the new model be produced in the U.S. (2)

Nissan Sway Concept

Photos from Car and Driver show a beautifully sculpted car that will, without a doubt, turn heads if the Nissan Sway makes it to production with even half the design elements it now features. At this point, the Japanese car maker’s sleek concept will attract more than just style-conscious buyers in the market for a subcompact hatch. (2)

Sporting the brand’s latest design (2) (think of the 2015 Murano) and euro-styling, meant of course for a European market, Nissan’s global design chief Shiro Nakamura says the Sway is a good indication of what this type of small vehicle might look like wherever it appears, and that may very well include the U.S., according to Automotive News. (3)

What To Expect?

Compared to the automaker’s B-segment hatch, the Sway is shorter than the
Nissan Versa Note, and a bit wider; the concept model features a 101.8-inch wheelbase (-0.6), is 157.9 inches long (-5.1) and 70 inches wide (+3.3). (3) The car’s low center of gravity should help enhance the vehicle’s dynamic driving behavior. (4)

As for its eye-catching looks, the Sway incorporates the brand’s trademark “V-Motion’’ grille, an upgraded version of the car manufacturer’s “boomerang” headlights, rear-hinged rear doors (2) — remember the Volvo Concept You? (4) — and a large glass “floating” roof that is again reminiscent of the Murano. The Sway’s well-executed design, in addition to the “bluish dawn gray” paint and orange accents, allow the hatchback to truly stand out from the majority of its subcompact car rivals. (2)

Inside Nissan’s concept model you will find an elegant interior featuring the colors blue, white and orange. The cabin sports a “gliding wing” dashboard that, according to Car and Driver, may remind certain auto fans of the retro-type IDx concept. (2) To elaborate, basically two instruments are placed where one would expect — in front of the driver — while the remaining functions are located in the center of the dash and are displayed on a tablet. (5)

A Small Hatch For The Future?

No word yet on what lies under the hood of Nissan’s cool new concept car. We will have to wait for those details, and overall we’re focused on hoping the vehicle will make it to production looking (at least) half as beautiful as it is now. Let’s cross our fingers that it will arrive on American soil. (2)

In the meantime, the car maker does have a very affordable subcompact hatchback in its lineup; the Versa Note is available at
Ferman Nissan in Tampa, Florida


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