Nissan Consider Introducing Rogue Hybrid in U.S.

Next month, Nissan’s new hybrid model — a variant of its small crossover SUV known as the Rogue in the U.S. — will go on sale in Japan, and may eventually arrive on American soil. (1)

In citing comments from Rogue chief engineer Nobusuke Toukura, Automotive News says the Japanese automaker is considering bringing the new variant, known as the X-Trail Hybrid on the East Asian island, to the U.S. market. (1)

When compared to the carmaker’s gasoline-powered Rogue, the hybrid model cuts nitrogen oxide emissions by 75 percent, according to Autoblog, (2) and when equipped with a 2.0-liter engine, delivers better low-end torque and acceleration (1) than the larger 2.5-liter found in the traditional, non-hybrid crossover model. (2)

The new fuel-efficient X-Trail model incorporates a version of the transverse single-motor hybrid system found in the Pathfinder and the Infiniti QX60 SUV (a vehicle in Nissan’s luxury vehicle division). (3) From the electric motor, customers can expect a total output of 40 horsepower and another 145-hp from the four-cylinder engine. Clients can also anticipate very good fuel economy ratings from the X-Trail Hybrid, based on news and reviews, and Car and Driver says we can expect a “significantly higher rating” than the Pathfinder Hybrid model. (4)

In Japan, such vehicles make up approximately 21 percent of the local market, and hybrid models are expected to — according to IHS Automotive — account for as much as 7 percent of the world’s passenger car production in 2020. As a result, the idea of introducing a Rogue hybrid to the U.S. is not so far fetched. (1)


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